Husband, father of two boys, searcher for happiness, reader, street surfer, body builder, judoka, traveler, visualiser, automator, photographer, optimiser of future freedom and life long Nerd.


I had my first experience with computers (at the age of 7 or 8) when my parents decided to sell our VCR (an early Betamax) in order to buy our first home computer: a Philips P2000T).

There was hardly any (commercial) software available for this computer, but there was a very active user community that regularly released tapes with selections of applications.

This meant that the best way to do interesting things with this computer was to learn programming (mostly Basic) and make those things yourself. Thus began my ‘Nerdhood’.

ICT Product Development/Consultancy

In my ICT career, I have been involved in the development of HP’s ProductXpress product suite. My work on this product suite started as the ‘mental father’. Since then I have been involved in every stage of the development of these products from original vision, ‘internal concept sales’, prototyping, development, productizing, consultancy and sales.

I continue to build upon my in-depth knowledge of both ProductXpress as a product suite and the concepts of financial product modeling in ProductXpress in my role as ProductXpress consultant.

Married with Kids

On the 7th of June, 2002, I married Ankie Vermeulen. We had already been happily together for many years before then. We did a lot of traveling and generally enjoyed the good things in life. In 2006 and 2008 our lives were turned up-side-down by the completion of our little familie by the arrival of our two kids: Milo and Devin.

We still try to travel as often as our busier lives allow, though we tend to stay within Europe these days. Especially the Scottish Highlands have become our favourite place to go to for our vacations.

Career interlude and 'soul search': Media & Visual Effects

After 10-11 years of experience in developing software products and architectures, I decided to broaden my focus into my long time passion of visual effects. After a two year period of personal development and study in this field, I started my own vfx-company: Dutch Effects Factory.

Since then, I have continued my vfx education next to doing diverse projects spanning compositing and supervision work on films, museum productions, promo’s, etc.

Later I started focussing foremost on 3D visual effects using Side FX’s Houdini, building 3D fx tools that can be used by clients and/or for clients.

Full circle: back to ICT

After about 6 years working as an independent VFX artist, I have gone full circle and am refocussing on ICT, working full time as a software developer, architect, knowledge/system modelling and trainer.

New Beginnings: Suiron

While still working as a developer, architect, trainer and consultant, a new venture is in the start-up fase:




What do you get when you combine: semantic & ‘traditional’ modelling, bi-temporality, uncertainty, high performance database technology and high-end compiler technology?
Suiron is working on answering this question!

The answer is taking the form of a concrete technology platform, based on the culmination of 2 decades of experience and a life-long fascination with the underlying concepts.



Avans Hogeschool (1990 - 1995)



Pixel Corps (2004 - 2006)



fxPHD (2005 - 2010)



Work experience

Document Access (07-1995 - 01-1999)

Site: no longer available

Position: Business Analyst/Modeler

Document Access was renamed to Essentium in 1999.

Essentium (01-1999 - 04-2001)

Site: no longer available

Position: Senior Domain Engineer

Essentium was bought by Solcorp in 2001.

Solcorp (05-2001 - 10-2005)

Site: no longer available

Position: Senior Domain Engineer/Chief Architect

Solcorp was a daughter company of EDS. In 2005, it was completely incorporated into EDS.

Pixelcorps (11-2004 - 11-2006)


Position: Team Leader VFX Compositing

EDS/Solcorp (11-2005 - 12-2005)


Position: Senior Domain Engineer/Chief Architect

EDS was bought by HP in 2008.

FOHR (05-2011 - 06-2012)


Position: Teammember

Dutch Effects Factory (01-2004 - to this day)


Position: Owner

RiskCo (01-2006 - to this day)


Position: Consultant/Trainer

SUIRON (04-2014 - to this day)


Position: Owner