Face the Music and Dance

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‘Face the music and dance’ is one of the motto’s that I have always liked to imagine myself living by. And then at some point in life, one is forced to ‘face the music’ about a motto like this itself and find out whether one is actually willing to live by it and start dancing to a new tune.

I reached a point like that around two and a half years ago. Some things that I had high hopes for didn’t happen – at least not in time for me – and the economy wasn’t getting any better. So I got the opportunity to prove that the motto was more than just a nice motto…

Since then a lot has happened.

The biggest change has been moving back into the software business, originally with the goal of becoming a partner in the company RiskCo B.V.. Work has been very intense since then.
In addition to this, I started practicing Judo, which I’m still greatly enjoying.
My wife and I also started experimenting with ‘quantified self’ technology in combination with our family switching over to an almost 100% biological, ‘no-more-cooking-out-of-packages’ approach to food, which has transformed our life style from a health perspective. This turned out to be a smaller change to make, but has a far more profound impact on our lives. We can recommend this to everybody!

And now, I find myself again (or still) adjusting to a new situation. I am still working on consultancy gigs for RiskCo, but some interesting new developments are happening as well. I’ll get back on those later…

VFX work has definitely become more of a hobby again and that’s actually a blessing and a disappointment at the same time.

Last few weeks, I’ve been working on migrating my website to a more up to date platform. The website is no longer running on a shared server, but on a server of my own. In de proces, my visual effects site and blog have moved to: //erikvandertier.com/def.

My website is now running on my own WordPress 3.8 MultiSite network. Other sites on this network are:

Setting up this platform on my own server has been an interesting and sometimes challenging process and I’m happy that it’s now all working and ready for use. It gives me a high degree of flexibility in changing and adding sites, subdomain and content.

I plan to be posting updates on what keeps me busy or occupies my mind regularly again.