Update on waves and tools

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As I’m wrapping up another fun project, it is time for some long overdue updates on my blog.

I still haven’t found the time/energy to make that ‘build a wave animation’ screen capture. This is still very much in the planning but I’m going to stop promising it on a concrete schedule as more work is coming up shortly and there is only so much time in a day.

In the mean time, I’ve got some really cool tool development just about to get started, extending my efforts in water/object interactions and bubble advection so far, into a toolset that is able to create some really nice looking splashes and foam effects (both above, on and below the water surface). I’ll be adding the same spray and foam functionality to the breaking wave and ocean displacement tools as well, which should be really cool!

So, plenty to cool stuff on its way!

With a bit of luck I’ll find more time to keep updating the blog in the coming weeks than I have the last month and a half.