Website changes

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As people that have visited this blog before will probably have noticed some changes to my website. I’ve decided that it is better to continue this website in a more personal note (more like this blog has been from the start). My company Dutch Effects Factory still exists and will continue to be the name with which I’m registered at the chamber of commerce.

However, I’ll be presenting myself as… well myself instead of using my company name. It’s always been a one man company, which I like and hope to continue into the future. It works, keeps overhead low and I think my clients appreciate my personal, no-nonsense, down-to-earth approach to doing business.

These changes will be reflected in the look of the website and is already reflected in the domain name of the site. The existing domain now redirects to the new ‘’ domain the first link followed. There will be additional changes to the website to further reflect my current and future focus on building effects in Houdini and developing effects tools for my own and third party use. One important update will be an updated demo reel as the current one is painfully outdated.

In the process, I’m now hosting the ‘entire’ site in WordPress, which turns out to work really nicely as a CMS and makes maintenance really easy.

I’ll be posting updates on these changes as they are realised, which will probably take some time as it will have to be done between client jobs.