‘Derezzing’ a crashing light cycle, part 2: fragment disintegration

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Here’s part 2 about my ‘derezzing’ cycle animation. I’ve now more or less finished the setup for ‘disintegrating’ individual fragments that will explode of the cycle when it crashes into the exhaust wall of its opponent.

After some basic cleaning up of my script, I thought, “let me do a multi fragment test and see what happens…”. This reminded me of how awesome the procedural nature of Houdini truly is! I added another fracture plane to my breaker and held my breath while I ran a simulation of the cycle without any animation, just sitting there in 4 fragments and let the Tron universe do its thing 🙂

The following image is the result that I found when rendering frame 23 once I stopped the sim there…:

I was rather blown away by this, I must admit, even though that may sound really narcissistic (lets just call it lasting boyish love of all things shiny and glowy). The only thing I did to the render coming out of Mantra was throw it into the comp I had already prepaired for a rerender of my original test animation which follows below (which is nothing more than a slightly rebalanced throw-together of the render passes). Note that the blue glowing particle stuff coming from between the fragments is not yet the explosion of fluid as seen in the real Tron Legacy shots. This will be a separate fluid sim.

Anyway, as mentioned above, I rerendered the first test animation through the current setup. You can see it below:

View in high resolution: trnd_crash_breakdown_v02.

The next steps involve quite a bit of keyframe animation of the cycle hitting the wall and the initial movement of the fragments before they are handed over to a dynamic sim. While working on that, I’ll run a render of the full cycle disintegrating in the mean time on my ‘farm’ (as in the single frame above), I just want to see it moving ;).

Until the next post…