‘Derezzing’ a crashing light cycle, part 2a: multi-fragment disintegration

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Here’s a short update on part 2 of ‘Derezzing’ a crashing light cycle. My background render of the falling apart of the full body of the cycle (in 4 fragments) has completed and here is the result:

View in high resolution: trnd_crash_breakdown_v03.

The render crashed around frame 69 for some reason, so I restarted it from that point on, but had forgotten that I had added a ‘RDB Autofreeze’ micro solver to my dynamics setup. This is why there is a little jump in the faces lying on the ground towards the end of the animation. The cycle doesn’t completely disintegrate as the animation I had setup for this wasn’t reaching the rear end of the cycle, which is why it doesn’t completely fall apart there.

Anyway, this was done by basically turning on all fragments, so I guess I shouldn’t complain about these details. I’m really pleased by the result so far. This animation definitely nicely shows what’s happening to the fragments as they fall apart.

In the mean time, I’m animating a first go at the final animation sequence for the crash, which is progressing nicely. The basic animation path for the crashing cycle is done now, next up is creating the proper fragments, based on how the cycle hits the wall and direct each fragment into its initial path before the dynamics sim will take over. This is a bit more work than just throw the cycle into a collision object and let dynamics do all of it, but it allows me to completely control what happens during the crash and where each piece flies off to with what initial velocity.

Ok, time to get back to fracturing and animating…