AFC Asian Cup Song: ‘dog morph’ shot

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Together with a bunch of great guys, I recently worked on the music video of the official song of the AFC Asian Cup‘Yalla Asia’ (by Jay Sean featuring Karl Wolf).

The full vfx team (in no particular order) was:

Specifically, I contributed a dust simulation to the ‘dog morph’ shot at around 1:10. On this shot, Marijn Eken was the vfx super visor and did the final grade, Richard Levene created the car animation (animation and shading/render), Marco de Goeij did the camera matchmove and Linus Hoffman did compositing and rotomation of the dogs.

View in full resolution: dogmorph_final.

In following posts, I’ll be discussing how I did the dust sim for this shot, and some of the other guys will talk about their part as guest-blogger. We managed to pull off this shot (and the rest of the clip) in a seriously short amount of time, burning too much of the good ol’ midnight oil than I care to think about. But it turned out quite nicely, so we’re happy to share how we created the shot!