FMX 2010 demos

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I’m proud to be able to say now that SideFX‘s Jeff Wagner will be demoing my wave tools as part of his ‘Advanced VFX In Houdini’ master classes at FMX this year!

These will be based of an all new version of the tools that has been made a lot more pipe-line friendly than the previous iterations. Until this version the wave tools were basically a single monolithic tool that included everything from surfacing, animation to rendering.

In the new version the different aspects of the system have been split into separate tools with a very clear separation of responsibilities (wave profiles, wave surface, particle source, white water sim, ocean surface (with ocean wave displacement). These separate tools work seamlessly together to generate ocean surfaces with breaking waves.

This also makes it much easier to integrate the tools into existing pipe lines/workflows. As each part of the chain can be taking out and replaced by existing solutions as long as they meat a fairly simple set of requirements (attributes on geo, correctly named entry points inside the tools through which geo can be exchanged/manipulated, …)

Anyway, I’ll get back with more after FMX. I’m really looking forward to Jeff’s master classes to sit back and enjoy someone else do the demo 😉

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank Jeff and all the other people at SideFX for all their excellent support so far and their willingness to demo this stuff!