House progress

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Some times you have little to do and then suddenly work keeps piling up 😉 Looks like things are moving toward the latter scenario.

Here’s a short update on the House Meteor project. I wasn’t happy with the camera calibration so I decided to add another camera and use the combination of the two to increase precision. This lead to some changes to the camera settings and a better camera rig that uses two ‘null’ objects to control rotation and position of the camera, which makes it much easier to find the right settings. Anyway, things look much better now.

Next up was to using the better calibration to start filling in the model with details, I also setup camera projection to get the model textured. The image below shows what this looks like so far (screenshot from the Houdini viewport). There are some obvious tearing problems from the projection as I moved the camera out of the perspective of my source images, but it shows that the basic setup is working quite well. You can also see the image data from the outside of the house projected through the window holes in the walls on the inside of the house.

Picture 65

Anyway, basics are all setup now, so after a little more modeling some serious mayhem can start :). Looking forward to that part already!