quick update

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It’s been a bit silent on this blog for a few days. The reason for this, is that I’m preparing a major update of the wave system, which is taking some time. I’ve fixed some problems with the wave zones (used for shading) that were only visible on the back side of the wave and thus didn’t show up in renders so far.

In addition to this I’ve taken a lot of the feedback I got from both technical/vfx and surfers’ point of view and made changes accordingly.

Last but certain not least, I’ve started to turn the wave system into a fully self-contained digital asset. The technical side of this is already fairly much working. The main thing I’m focussing on are ‘artist friendly’ animation tools. There were some already in place, but there are a number of settings that are getting a lot nicer UI including visualisations and interactive handles. The nice thing about the tool version of the wave system is that an animator ‘only’ needs Houdini Escape to access the full functionality, which is much cheaper than Houdini Master.

Renders and a look at the animation tools will follow soon…