Longest break in the history of this blog ending

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I’ve had some ‘short’ break before where I didn’t get to updating the blog for a few weeks or so. This time it has been months since my last update.

This doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything though. In fact, I’ve been really busy doing some really cool stuff.

I’ve been working on a long project (far from over yet) about which, I can’t really say much 😉 However, I can mention that one of the things, I’ve worked on is a high level Python based development toolkit for building tools in Houdini. The most visible part of that toolkit is a user interface toolkit that makes it very easy to develop complex user interfaces for HDA’s, that is heavily inspired on Apple’s Cocoa development frameworks.

This started off as a fairly lightweight wrapper around the nastiest bits of parameter interface coding in Houdini (including wrapping bugs and things I think are just weird, like multi parms and all their behavior). It quickly grew into a full fledged high level UI toolkit and extended into generic, MVC (Model View Controller) framework code (Protocols, Responders, Notifications, Delegates, DataSources, …).

Anyway, it was a cool opportunity to exercise the Python coding muscles and get deeper into Python development in Houdini than I’d ever would have otherwise. At the same time tool development will be more fun than ever using these new shiny toolkits 🙂

Another thing I worked on with an ‘extended subset’ of the ‘dog morph team‘, was providing a pile of vfx shots for: The Lost Christmas. Looking at the IMDB page, I just noticed that I haven’t even added myself to the list of vfx crew yet. We as a team added a lot of virtual ice and snow to many shots, personally, I mostly focussed on communication with our direct client: FilmGate and vfx supervision of our team.

In short plenty of cool stuff happening. In the coming period I’ll be working on my water tools again, which I’m really excited about as that’s what my Houdini adventures started with.

And with a little (well… probably better to say big pile) of luck, I’ll find some time to finalize that Tron sequence as well in the coming months, I was already quite far in getting all the technicalities to work, so really should finish it).

To wrap up… there’s also some other developments, I’m really happy with, going on about which, I really can’t talk until it goes public. Anyway, it’s good to ‘be back in the blog’, with a bit of luck I’ll be posting the last of the ‘dog morph’ posts somewhere next week.