Update on waves and tools

As I’m wrapping up another fun project, it is time for some long overdue updates on my blog. I still haven’t found the time/energy to make that ‘build a wave animation’ screen capture. This is still very much in the planning but I’m going to stop promising it on a concrete schedule as more work…

Gerstner waves interacting with objects


It’s been too long since my last blog, but I guess that’s what you can expect of ‘internal’ projects, they get pushed around endlessly. Anyway, FMX was great and it was cool to see my wave tools shown as part of the Houdini Master Classes.

In the coming days I hope to post a short video walkthrough on using the wave tools to create a breaking wave animation live :).

Another sneak preview

Here’s another sneak preview on a big update coming up soon. The surfacing part of the DEFBreakingWave HDA is all but at version 1.0 (at least at beta level). I’m doing the ‘final’ touches on the UI to make it more streamlined and logical.

Finally displacement and lip spray

Hi, Phew! It has been a LOOOOOONG time coming, but I’m finally ready to update on the new Gerstner displacement, as implemented within the breaking wave tool. Most of the time it took between the previous update (the sneak preview) had to do with a completely new addition to the displacement of the lip of…

Sneak preview

Hi, Here’s a sneak preview of the now integrated Gerstner displacement system driving ocean surface displacement, procedural lip foam texture and lip spray particle source creation. Cheers, Erik

Quick update on Gerstner wave displacements

Hi, Just before we move into the next year/decade, I’d like to post a quick update on the wave system. I’ve by now almost fully integrated the new Gerstner based wave displacement logic into my breaking wave system. It’s mostly used for now to generate higher level waves on top of the surfing waves. I…

Gerstner wave based displacement

Before I get into the displacement functionality of the wave tool, I’d like to take a little time to go through some foundation work I did to improve displacements. Up till now I was using regular noise functions to create the displacement of the ocean surface. This looks kind of ok as long as you…

Wave shading

Shading time… After a few ‘false starts’ it is time to go through the shading side of the wave system. Before I get into the shader itself, I thought I’d be a good idea to quickly recap how the UV’s of the wave are integrated into the UV space of the ocean surface. Luckily, I…

Cutout ‘n paste

In the last post on the Surf’s Up project, I mentioned that the next post would be on shading. Well, almost. When doing some multi-pass render tests, I noticed that something was wrong with the way the wave surface was pasted on the ocean surface.