Tool development

As a vfx artist with a decade long background in developing software architectures, developing 3D effects tools in Houdini has turned out to be a irresistible challenge. It’s the area where I think Houdini truly shines. Not only can well developed tools help vfx artists (myself and/or others) create really cool effects with greatly reduced effort but its also a lot of fun!

It is also easy enough to take most effects created for a specific project and turn them into reusable tools, that it is hard to resist.

If you want to know more about these tools, custom tool development (project based or otherwise) or want to evaluate them please contact me through any of the channels mentioned here: About.


This is a collection bin of miscellaneous tools.

(More on these tools here…)

Directable water

This is a set of tools centered around what I like to call ‘directable water’. The goal with these tools is to create realistic water effects without the long turnaround times typically associated with water simulations.

(More on these tools here…)


I’m currently wrapping typical elements of dynamics simulations into a set of tools. Once these tools are finished, more information will follow here.