Breaking wave

The development of my breaking wave tools started as an ‘internal’ project to learn Houdini. It’s inspired on Sony Pictures Imageworks groundbreaking work on Surf’s Up.

Though the original goal was to ‘just’ create a breaking wave animation, it quickly became a full tool development project. By now, I’m getting close to a 1.0 release version of the water surface part (the animation part of the solution). Though, it does already provide a rich set of data that can be used by particle simulations to add all the details like splashes, spray, white water explosions, etc…

This 1.0 version will encompass a tool set that includes TD oriented low level tools and an artist oriented set of tools. The artist oriented tools make it very easy to create new breaking waves and ‘paste’ them on an ocean surface. The tools also support integration into existing workflows through a number of interface definitions.

This page will be kept up to date on the status of this tool set as I’m moving towards the 1.0 release.

BLOG: To read more about the ongoing development of the breaking wave tools see the blog category: Surf’s Up