Pre-sim Fragment Animation

The ‘pre-sim fragment animation’ tool is a simple tool that helps animate objects before they are handed off to simulation. Typically this is used when doing a simulation of an object fragmenting on an impact, for example when a building has to collapse when it is hit by a large object.

This is possible to achieve with an automatic system like Houdini’s Voronoi Fracture tool, but often it is useful to hand animate the initial impact. This provides with a lot of creative control over destruction scene’s, which would otherwise be very hard to achieve by tweaking simulation parameters and re-simulating.

The ‘pre-sim fragment animation’ tool allows for both ‘nested’ animation and ‘nested’ simulation. This is useful when fragments have to further fragmented into smaller pieces at a specific moment during a simulation or animation. These sub-fragments can be animated and then handed over to simulation.

Animation using this tool

View in high resolution: H264.