Tron Exhaust Wall

This tool started its development in a client project: November 2010: Tron inspired animation for SalesForce.
After this project was finished, I decided it would be cool to push the effects a little further towards the quality level of the Tron Legacy film, as an ‘internal’ project. More info on this project can be found here.

The Exhaust Wall Tool is the first tool resulting from this effort. More specific information on the tool can be found here: ‘Derezzing’ a crashing light cycle, part 4b: ExhaustWall Tool

Images and Animations using this tool

Unprocessed render

View in high resolution: H264.

Exhaust Wall Tool

Animation, tool dev, shading & render by: Erik van der Tier, cycle model by Dion Burgoyne, multi-pass composit by: Linus Hofmann